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Dachshund found at 165 & Northgate

I just found a black and tan male dachshund running loose without a collar at Hwy 165 & Northgate Dr in Monroe. He ran right in front of my car on Northgate and I was worried he was going to try to cross 165, so I got out of the car and he literally jumped into my arms. Unfortunately I was on my way back to work and couldn't leave him in my apartment, so I had to take him to the animal shelter in **West Monroe** (the Monroe shelter is closed on Monday).

If this is your dog or you know someone who may have lost him, please contact the animal shelter at 325-0756. They will hold him for 10 days to see if anyone's looking for him and then put him up for adoption. They also put some of the strays up on the web--go to

and click on "Click here to see our adoptable pets." The strays (who aren't yet up for adoption) are the ones who have tag numbers like 17Blue instead of names. He probably won't show up on that website until tomorrow at the earliest, but he is there at the shelter.
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