shiftynit (shiftynit) wrote in yourmonroe,

$400/month room for rent in West Monroe

I am a lesbian and I am looking for a female or gay male roommate to move in around Jan 1, 2009. Rent monthly includes all utilities as well as DSL 6.0 and wireless access, directv, and monthly yard service. I keep to myself and i'm generally quiet. I live in a nice trailer in a quiet and well-kept park, the second lot from the entrance, right across from the mailboxes. You would be renting the master bedroom with adjoined and enclosed bathroom, near the front door. the washer and dryer are at the back, near my room, on the other end of the trailer, with the kitchen in the middle. there is a third bedroom inbetween the kitchen and my room, that will hopefully have someone else moving in around June.

My own room is a mess, but it is at the very back and you would have most of the rest of the place to yourself. I keep the kitchen and living room clean, and you would have your own bathroom. I have one grown cat who pretty much stays with me. She is declawed and very quiet. No children live with me, though there are some in the park.

The neighborhood is nice, very clean and quiet. It is two miles from I-20.  All utilities are included in the rent: electricity, water, trash pick up, as well as DirecTV and DSL internet with wireless access. I looked at apartments in the area myself, when I was thinking of moving last year, and they all cost at least $300-600 for anything decent, but that does not include any of the above amenities.
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